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I cannot express how grateful I am to have had Nae as my Coach passing on her knowledge, empowerment, mindset hacks, tools & supportive reminders when I felt anxiety creep in. I had the privilege of working through limiting beliefs & blockages, as well as releasing anxiety. One of the techniques that helped greatly was ECT, it helped me understand where seeds were planted in my past & how they were affecting my everyday thinking & living.


The past me was living in fear of doing things that sabotaged my happiness, who I am or what I wanted, I had been carrying a lot of guilt of certain situations & fear to speak my truth. I am so happy to say I gained a lot of wisdom & skills working with Nae & have set those memories of fear & guilt free.


Nae also showed me ways to appreciate & celebrate myself, create clarity, speak my truth with love & grace. She created a safe space to connect & have a greater awareness of myself & others. So thank you, my guru goddess, Nae for being who you are. It’s opened my mind up again from the vines that where keeping me back from speaking my vulnerable truth without filtering or overthinking, then using your tools in my mind to keep me in check. Thank you, Nae for your time to connect and rewire those memories.

Sandy Williams

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